5260 Longley Lane
Reno, NV 89511

About Us

Wasting Arrows is a family run business dedicated to bringing the magic of Archery to the people of Northern Nevada.

We have always enjoyed archery both as a sport and as sportsmen. We opened Wasting Arrows in 2012 to give the people of Northern Nevada a nice clean fun place to shoot, take lessons and buy archery equipment.

Owners Lystra Pitts is a Level 4 NTS USA Archery Coach and Deana Pitts is a Level 3 NTS USA Archery Coach, NFAA Advanced Archery Instructors, and NASP Archery Instructors. We can teach anyone how to shoot a bow, and yes, hit a moving target. We know that everyone can enjoy this exciting sport and we’re happy to include you in the fun.