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Sporting Arrows

Sporting Arrows

The revolutionary new archery game that takes the sport to a whole new level. Using the Laporte Bow Trap machine archers fire at foam discs launched into the air or rolled along the ground.

Sporting Arrow Target

Based upon the clay pigeon sport of sporting clays  Sporting Arrows uses the same principle to engage archers in a new challenge -HIT A MOVING TARGET! Using special Flu Flu arrows which have a powerful acceleration but short flight – archers pluck the targets right out of the air.

While first seeming impossible the challenge is actually easier than it looks. The flight of the arrow allows you to correct your shots and you’ll be stapling them mid-air in no time. Experienced archers and newcomers alike have a blast. Anyone can play, children and adults.

We provide all the necessary gear including bows and arrows! But if you have your own bow you are more than welcome to use it.

We have a facility that you can go to shoot or we can bring the fun to you. The short range of the Flu-Flu arrows lets us set up in a relatively small area of land. If you have an 200′ x 100′ area of cleared land we can probably set up there. We also have special arrows that allow us to shoot inside large warehouses or school gymnasiums!

Sporting Arrows is a zero impact sport. There is no noise, no bullets, no lead shot, no broken clays to clean up. The thrower runs off a battery and the foam targets are 100% re-usable. We “leave no trace” after we’ve had our fun. It is a completely green experience!

This is the only bow trap facility in Northern Nevada.