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Archery at a Renaissance Wedding was a Bullseye

Wasting Arrows set up an archery range at a Renaissance themed wedding on Saturday September 1st. The wedding was held in an absolutely stunning outdoor venue beautifully decorated by Alicia Daniels Brown of Green Apple Events. The guests and staff were dressed in Renaissance garb, everyone looked fantastic. The bride and groom, Brent and Heather, were wed in the center of a circle of their family and friends.

We set up the archery range after the ceremony at the edge of the parking lot and shot into a big grass lawn. We had hordes of children itching to shoot as we set up the thrower. After a bit of instruction we had archers plucking away at targets until the dinner service. During the Dinner Service we had a lot of the staff come and shoot with us while they waited for the guest to eat. The break was short lived however as soon as the meal was finished we had our hands full as some people literally ran back to the archery station to be the first to get to shoot again.

More adults came to try their hand after the dinner. Archers shot until the sun went down and the light grew too dim to see the targets.  It was a huge success. Everyone had a great time and we got to introduce the sport of archery, and sporting arrows, to some new people. We had a great mix of archers, many people had never shot before but we had a few very skilled bowmen who were very excited about the challenge of flying targets. Everyone looked fantastic shooting archery in period clothing. We even had several Robin Hood costumes!

Wasting Arrows would like to wish all the best to Brent and Heather, you are on target for a wonderful life together! We hope that your lives together will be happy and blessed. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!


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