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New Youth and Adult Classes Open!

We hope that this finds everyone heathy and well. We appreciate your patience with us as we all struggle to navigate the turbulent waters of this pandemic. We hope that you’ve missed archery half as much as we’ve missed you. We are excited to announce that with the reopening of schools and businesses we feel that we too can reopen our archery classes. We plan to reinstate our JOAD program and Traveling Team on October 1st.We will, of course, have to restructure our classes to provide the safest learning space for our students that we can. In order to accomplish this, we will be using the entire range for our classes and we will be closing the range to open shooting while our classes are in progress. We have decided to change the open range hours to accommodate our classes. We will be closing the range at 6:00 PM every night with JOAD classes beginning at 6:15 pm. We will be running two classes every night, one from 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm and one from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
Because we will have the entire range to ourselves, we will be able to safely accommodate 10 archers per class. Each student will have their own bale to shoot at and will be able to maintain social distancing during class. We ask that if any student is sick or not feeling well that they do not come to class. We will be taking every instructor and student’s temperature prior to starting class and a temperature log will be kept. We will provide hand sanitizer and will sanitize all rental equipment prior to and after each student’s use. Masks will be required for all students and instructors. I have shot my bow with my mask on and it’s uncomfortable and weird but until this disease/mandate is under control, we’re going to need to learn how to do it. Odds are any indoor competitions in 2021 will have a mask requirement and we might as well start practicing shooting with them on now.
All registration for classes will be done online through our website,http://wastingarrows.com/joad/we are doing this to make sure that we don’t overbook our classes and have too many archers than we can safely handle. We will not accept any in-store registrations. Rosters will be printed prior to class and distributed to our instructors; no additional archers will be accepted. Parental and family supervisors during class will be limited to one per archer. At this time we ask that friends and siblings do not accompany the archer to class. We want to keep the number of people in the range during our classes down to a bare minimum. We so look forward to seeing you all again! We’re excited to be able to bring our archery family back together. It was a long strange summer without archery, one that I hope we never have to repeat!
Aim True,
Coach Lystra and Coach Deana
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