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Changes to the JOAD Program.

We have to enact some changes in our JOAD program. Some of these changes have been mandated by USA Archery and some are just a reaction and adjustment to the popularity of the program in order to offer your children the best possible archery experience.

The USA Archery mandated change is that all JOAD Students must be members of USA Archery. This will bring all the students under the protection of USA Archery’s Insurance. We will require each student to join prior to attending class in January.  Annual Youth Memberships are $35.00 per year and Family Memberships are $80.00.

The other change is due to our growing pains. We initially set our class size at 20 students and we only had 5-10 students in each class so we allowed students attending one class to attend the other. We now have over 20 students in each class and we have to make some room. We have decided to offer more classes, but have the students decide which night they attend. We no longer can offer multiple nights to students. We also have decided to cut the class size down to 10 students per class. We feel that 20 students are too many to allow our instructors to give the students enough attention during the class.

The classes will be filled on a first come first serve basis. We are also eliminating the session option from the classes, everybody was doing monthly anyway and the weekly added a variable.

We will be breaking the class up by Star Level rather than age group. It just makes more sense to have the classes segregated by skill level rather than age. We can give the kids lessons appropriate to their skills. If you have two kids at different skill levels you can have students shoot down a level until they both reach the same level.

We are adding a Youth League on Saturday instead of our JOAD Classes. The Youth League will let the kids compete for trophies and will be half price for JOAD Students.

We will also be starting a Travelling Team for our Archers who want to compete on a Local, State, and National Level.

Our New Classes are:

JOAD I (Beginners) $80.00 per Month

JOAD I is a basic archery course that focuses on beginning archery safety, skills, and drills. Participants learn about archery form, range rules and etiquette. Form training and fun games are introduced in this class. Takes archers from Green Star to White Star Level. Archers must have completed an Intro to Archery or passed a skill evaluation to join this class. Price includes equipment rentals if required.

JOAD II (Intermediate) $80.00 per Month

JOAD II is an inter-mediate archery course that focuses on intermediate archery safety, form, and introduces new equipment styles of shooting Recurve and Compound bows. Fun games and form reinforcement techniques are emphasized in this class. Class takes archers from the White Star Level to the Blue Star Level. Archers must have achieved a JOAD White Star to join this class. Price includes equipment rentals if required.

JOAD III (Advanced) $80.00 per Month

This class focuses on a continued education towards tournament styles of shooting used by many archery tournament associations from around the world. Along with the tournament lessons, participants receive continued knowledge around their shooting form and advice on personal equipment selections. Archers must have received Red Star Level to join this class.

Wasting Arrows Travelling Team: $100.00 per Month

In addition to the JOAD Classes Archers can apply to become a member of the Wasting Arrows Archery Team. Archers must be White Star and above. Team members represent Wasting Arrows in local, state, and national competitions while continuing their archery education. Applications are Available and space is limited to available Coaching staff.

Youth Leagues $60.00 for JOAD or $120.00 for Non-JOAD per 8 Week Series

Wasting Arrows offers competitive leagues for younger shooters. Leagues are divided by age categories with league champions receiving trophies at the end of the series. Leagues run for 8 Weeks and feature all styles of competitive archery. Archers will compete in their age categories.



We know this is a big change and we hope we can accommodate everyone’s schedule. If you have any issues or suggestions please bring them to us, we want to make this the best program we can and your input is always listened to and appreciated.

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