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Final League Results

Our last league series was a blast, we had some great archers in here. Here are the league champions! If you are a winner you can collect your prize at the range! You can check the scores on our Competitive Shooting Page

Bowhunter League

1st Place: Devin Wright ($100.00)

2nd Place: Lystra Pitts

Most Improved: Barton Borrow (Frequent Feather Card)

Head To Head League

1st Place: Landon Tichenor ($100.00)

2nd Place: Brandt Kennedy ($50.00)

300 NFAA Intro League

1st Place: Mike Taylor ($150.00)

2nd Place: David Ranney ($100.00)

Most Improved: Lauri Dougherty (Frequent Feather Card)

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